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Defund the new campus police department.

OSU is still in the process of trying to establish a campus police department. Although federal law requires OSU to have armed security at the nuclear research center on campus, we do NOT need armed police responding to calls anywhere else on campus. We do not need to fund the salaries of 20 armed police officers to endanger our students, staff, faculty, and community. Armed police should be restricted to the nuclear center, and community care and support networks should be instituted to respond to emergencies on the rest of campus.

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The full statement from DisarmOSU, the subgroup of this collective focused on this campaign can be found at the petition link.

Invest in programs that serve the community.

The hundreds of thousands of dollars that are budgeted for the new police force can and should be re-directed into services to benefit the students, staff, faculty, and community of this university, in order to address the root causes of so-called "crimes" on campus. It's absolutely unconscionable that in this moment of compounding crises, OSU has shut down the on-campus pharmacy due to lack of funds but is allocating money to hire new cops. Funding and expanding SHS, CAPS, the pharmacy, the HSRC food pantry, and emergency housing measures are just a few of the initiatives that OSU could be prioritizing instead.

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Email us to get involved in our publicity campaign to pressure OSU admin to re-direct funds from cops to community.

Require an anti-racism course for all degrees granted by the university.

OSU and the entire state of Oregon was founded on racist ideas and policies, and a culture of discrimination and exclusion remains pervasive in academia today. It is not the job of BIPOC students to educate their peers - it is the school's. If OSU wants to truly stand by its value of commitment to diversity and inclusion, no student - undergrad, grad, vet, or pharmacy - should be able to graduate without knowing how systems of oppression continue to operate today and how to push back against them.

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Our full statement focused on this campaign can be found at the petition link.

Defend F1 visa holders by providing SEVP compliant alternatives

The Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) has announced they will have grounds to forcibly deport any international student whose classes go online starting Fall 2020, even if the term starts off in-person and moves to remote learning half-way through. These students are seeking a higher education at OSU and this community needs to provide them safe and appropriate alternatives in this extenuating circumstance. OSU needs to provide SEVP compliant courses that can be made available even in the event of switching to e-learning later in the term.

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