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A collective of concerned students, faculty, staff & community members of Oregon State University speaking up and acting for social change and public safety

Founded in 2020 in response to the national movement for equity and justice this group of concerned individuals are united in a desire to make OSU campus a safer and more equitable place for all marginalized persons

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Legacy of Student Activism leading to this movement

1969 Student Sit In

OSU’s Black Student Union organized a sit-in and led a walk-out on campus due to outrage towards the football team’s racist policies.

1990 Student Letter to President

Concerned student leaders wrote a letter to then President John V. Byrne demanding that OSU adopt anti-discriminatory policies.

2015 Student Speak Out

Students insisted that Ray’s administration create institutional change to move the campus towards an anti-racist community.

2020 Student letter to Ed Ray

Students convened again to urge our last administration to action.

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Let's Take Action Against Injustice